Please see below for answers to common questions about GTaskD. This page is still being developed, as I’m currently focused on finishing up the few missing features from Canvas, but better documentation will be coming soon. Thanks for your patience. –Kev


  • Where can I get send questions/ideas/bug reports/recommendations/feedback/etc.?
    • Soon I’ll be setting up a site where users can submit ideas for GTaskD, and everyone will be able to vote on the best ones to help me know where to focus my development efforts. If you can, please wait until that site is set up, but if you have something that can’t wait, please simply send them to my email at the bottom of this page.
  • How much does GTaskD cost?
    • Currently GTaskD is supported by donations from users like you. With Google Tasks’ Canvas interface disappearing sometime in early 2019, I wanted to get an early version out so we would all have a replacement for when it’s gone. Depending on how donations go, it’s possible I’ll be moving to some sort of paid or “freemium” model in the future. Whatever direction that takes, I’m going to keep GTaskD as cheap as I reasonably can.
  • How can I help?

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are keyboard shortcuts for just about everything in GTaskD. Below is the current list, though it is likely to expand over time as I add more features.

  • Create a new task
    • Enter (at the end of a task)
    • Ctrl+Enter (new task below if you’re not at the end of a task)
    • Ctrl+Shift+Enter (new task above if you’re not at the end of a task)
  • Create a new subtask
    • Enter, Tab
  • Check off a task/mark a task complete (including subtasks, if applicable)
    • Alt+Enter
  • Indent the current task
    • Tab
    • Ctrl+] (Ctrl+Close Bracket, like GMail, WordPress, etc.)
  • Unindent/outdent the current task (and make it the “parent” of any “sibling” tasks below it)
    • Shift+Tab
    • Ctrl+[ (Ctrl+Open Bracket, like GMail, WordPress, etc.)
  • Move a task (or an entire subtree of tasks) up in the list
    • Ctrl+Up (like Google Tasks Canvas interface)
    • Alt+Shift+Up (like GMail, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, etc.)
  • Move a task (or an entire subtree of tasks) down in the list
    • Ctrl+Down (like Google Tasks Canvas interface)
    • Alt+Shift+Down (like GMail, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, etc.)
  • Delete a task (that’s either short or very long)
    • Ctrl+a, Delete
  • Open/close the task-specific window to edit dates and notes
    • Shift+Enter
  • Open the context menu (right-click menu) for the current task
    • Alt+Shift+\ (Alt+Shift+Backslash)
  • Move to/put the focus on the list of tasklists to switch to another list
    • Alt+Shift+L (then use Up/Down to select a list, and Enter to open it)


GTaskD is one of two major “fake” jobs I have in addition to my full-time real job. I’m also married, and we have our first kid on the way. That all said, it’s likely it will take me some time to get back to you (days or weeks), but feel free to shoot me an email at support (at) gtaskd (dot) com.