GTaskD is a web application built to help you get your to-do list under control and get more done. It uses the Google Tasks API to connect directly to your data in Google Tasks, but allows you to interact with your tasks in a full screen interface, and in ways that the official apps don’t. It’s tailored to power users, like those with GTD (Getting a Things Done) systems, that want to be able to focus on getting the most out of each day.

All GTaskD development is done by me, Kevin Micke. I’ve been a heavy user of the Google Tasks Canvas interface for 9+ years, but Google hadn’t done any upgrades to it in all that time. I started working on what has become GTaskD a few years ago, but it was always a back-burner project I never had much time for. Once Google announced that the full screen Canvas and IG interfaces would be disappearing in early 2019, I knew I needed a replacement for it ASAP. That lit a fire under me and I’ve been pushing hard on development ever since (when I’m not working at my real job).

The blog has more details, but if you want to get notified directly about updates to GTaskD, please sign up using the “Subscribe” button in the sidebar. And if you just want to get started getting more done, give it a try at https://tasks.gtaskd.com/