List of major updates that have been pushed to the GTaskD production server. This changelog will be fleshed out over time, but for now, here are the basics. Version numbers below represent the date that the changes were made public (times are US Mountain Time).

  • v2019-07-
  • v2019-05-
    • URLs automatically turned into links using Autolinker plugin
    • Bug fixes
  • v2019-04-
    • Added sort by date mode similar to how it worked in the Google Tasks Canvas interface
    • New keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+Enter (new task above)
    • Lots of bug fixes
  • v2019-03-
  • v2019-03-
    • Emergency fix for change Google made to Google Tasks API. This change forces users to download all tasks to know where any task fits in the hierarchy, and so for users with hundreds or thousands of tasks, slowed down performance.
  • v2019-03-
    • First public release pushed to production!