Thanks for Trying Out GTaskD Pro

Thanks for authorizing GTaskD Pro to access the Google Tasks API on your behalf. Your login “token” and basic profile info that Google just returned to the GTaskD API server has been securely encrypted and saved in the GTaskD database. Soon the GTaskD API server will backup all your Google Tasks data to its own database, and keep it in sync using the Google Tasks API.

This means that you’ll be able to keep your multiple levels of subtasks (nested subtasks) after Google removes them, which could happen as early at 2019-08-30. It will also allow you to use all the upcoming features of GTaskD Pro, like much faster loading and the ability to search your Google Tasks data.

For now GTaskD Pro is open for a free trial. In the relatively near future it will become a subscription service, but will be very reasonably priced.

If you ever wish to revoke GTaskD Pro’s access to your Google Tasks data, simply go to , click on any entries that have “” in them, and click “Revoke Access.”

Thanks again—I’m looking forward to building GTaskD Pro into what I, and hopefully you, have always wanted Google Tasks to be.